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Our Help and FAQ Section.

We've ordered our help page into 6 sections to enable you to find the answer you're looking for as quickly as possible.

Please select one of the following links to navigate directly to that section in this page:

> 1. Claiming Your Listing - click here
> 2. FAQs - click here
> 3. Our Products - click here
> 4. Website Tips / Info - click here
> 5. Website Troubleshooting  - click here
> 6. More Help / Contact Info - click here

2.0 Claiming a Business Already on Wampit™

2.1 What are the benefits of 'claiming' my business listing?

If you have found your business is already on Wampit™ then it is very important that you claim this listing and take control of the details we hold - the following explains why:

> Stops some one else claiming your business in error
> Ensures the details we hold are accurate
> Enables you to keep your content fresh and up to date on our site
> Ensures we submit the most accurate & current content to Google and other search engines
> Gives you the option to add extras like a link to you website
2.2 How do I 'claim' and update my business?

Claiming your business listing is simple and very quick:

1. Click on the 'My Business' on the top right of the advert
3. Complete the simple claim form and then click “Submit”
4. You will be sent an email containing your unique username & password
5. Simply visit our homepage & select the “login” link
6. Log in using the supplied user name/password contained in the email
7. Once logged in, please complete missing information, e.g. your name / phone number etc
8. Ensure you select “Save Changes” after making your changes and before closing the screen
2.3 How do I raise a dispute if someone else 'claims' my Business?

If you believe your business has been claimed fraudulently or by mistake, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us via the “Contact Us” link on the website. You must provide us with the full details of your dispute along with all relevant contact details to enable us to investigate your claim quickly.

2.4 How long does my business claim last?

You will only lose ownership of your Wampit™ account in the event of one of the following:

> You delete your own account / listing
> We remove your listing, e.g. due to copyright issues (see T&Cs for more info)
> A dispute on the ownership of your listing is upheld by Wampit™


3.0 FAQs

3.1 Can I really create an advert for FREE?

Absolutely Yes!

FACT: the majority of other advertising companies still charge for putting your content on the Internet. This is usually because they employ sales people and/or support staff - they need to generate sufficient revenues to keep their business running. We are a new company with fresh and efficient processes - our overheads are minimal and that enables us to offer this service.

In summary, our business model is as straightforward as our website: as more and more businesses register on Wampit™ then public awareness grows. The more the public uses Wampit™ as their business search engine of choice, or sees links to our listings in other search engines, then more businesses will be interested in looking at enhancing their advert by purchasing our additional products - simple!

3.2 How are you any different from other business search sites?

We have 3 main unique selling points:

1. We are completely free - you can create a high quality advert with no catch & no renewal fees.
2. You can add a video advert for FREE (no hosting costs - ever)
3. 100% self-service (you can manage your account online 24/7)
3.3 What do you do with my information?

We take our Privacy Policy very seriously and protect your data in line with that policy. When you create an account you will notice that the only information we require about you is the bare minimum, i.e. we do not ask for any details that are not related to your business or advert such as date of birth, sex, nationality etc.

We will contact you from time to time to give you an update on the progress of Wampit™ and also inform you of any changes/developments (as most sites do), however we promise to always keep our contact with you to a minimum.

3.4 What do I get fro FREE?

A Wampit™ FREE listing contains the following mandatory content:

> Your company logo or photograph
> Company name
> Contact telephone number
> Address (option to exclude this, e.g. if you are web / home based)
> Business description (5000 characters)
> A link to the business location in Google Maps (option to exclude)
In addition to above you can also choose to add the following FREE optional extras:
> A short video advert of your business / service
> An email link so potential customers can contact you
> A live twitter feed to show your latest 'tweets'
3.5 Can you guarantee my advert will be included in other search engine results?

First, we create a unique web address for your advert listing - this is known as a 'landing page'. An example of a current landing page on Wampit™ is for a business called Rockoko Designer Jewellery and is: 

We create a unique web address for every business that registers with us. We then send details of this web address to all the major search engines. They then index the majority of these landing pages and includes a link to them in their search results (sometimes this can take several days / weeks to appear). For example, if you type 'kindercare in Bogalusa Louisiana' into Google, you will see a link in Googles's search results to their free advert on Wampit™.

We can't guarantee that search engines will index your listing, however, adding more text to your free Wampit™ advert increases the possibility of this happening. Also, we are always working on enhancing our service to ensure our listings are recognised by the major search engines.

3.6 How do I renew my free listing?

You don't need to! It will remain live on Wampit™ for as long as you want. Although we naturally reserve the right to cancel it at any time.

3.7 How do I list multiple branches?

Please use the 'Create Free Advert' link and register each one as a separate business using a separate email address for each.

However, if you are a multi-national company and wish to register over 30 branches then we may be able to help you. Our team of advisors can list your branches for free if you can supply the data for each branch in a simple spreadsheet e.g. branch address, contact info, photo etc. Please contact us to discuss this possibility further.

3.8 How many adverts can I create?

We allow you to create ONE free advert per business address. We check all adverts that are created to ensure they meet our criteria, and we will remove any duplicate adverts found.

3.9 How do I cancel a product I've purchased?

Products will be live on your listing for their duration, e.g. if you purchase a Web Link for 12 months then it will automatically be removed from your listing on day 365 (unless it has been renewed in advance). 

There is currently no cancellation process to end a product earlier (and receive a refund for the remaining time) than its total duration, e.g. you can't cancel a Web Link after 6 months as it is a 12 month duration product. 

3.10 How can I add my website address in my listing?

We provide a very low-cost link to your website - details of this product are shown in Section 3 of the Registration and My Account pages. There are two main benefits to this:

1. Our website users simply click on the 'web site' link and are taken directly to your website (they don't have to copy and paste)
2. You can track the performance of this within your own website reporting, i.e. you will see when someone visits your site that was referred by Wampit™.
IMPORTANT: it's against our policy to add your web address to your name and information lines - we monitor this policy in order to protect the benefits above and we will remove any listings found in violation of this policy from our database.

3.11 How do I link to my Wampit™ advert from my website?

We create a unique web address for your free advert listing, for example, We then send this to all major search engines for them to index and include in their search results. 

To improve your search engine ranking of your free Wampit™ advert, and to drive more customers to your advert then we recommend that you place a link to your Wampit™ page on your website. Please click here to see one of our customers that has already done this on their own web site.

3.12 How do I display my 'Tweets' on my Wampit™ listing? 

You can add a free Twitter 'widget' to your Wampit™ advert. This will show your live 'tweets' to people that visit your Wampit™ listing.

The live feed will shown directly on your advert - see an example.

It's simple to set your Twitter feed up on Wampit™ - just action the following steps:

1. Click here to visit Twitter's widget page (this will open a new window)
2. If prompted: log into Twitter with your username / password
3. In the 'Settings' tab enter your Twitter username
4. In the 'Appearance' tab you can customise the colours to suit your company image
5. Please don't adjust the size in the 'Dimensions' tab as it may not format correctly
6. When you're happy with your widget then select 'Finish & Grab Code'
7. Then copy ALL the text code by highlighting it and pressing 'Ctrl and C'
8. Return back to Wampit™ and paste ('Ctrl and V) into the Twitter feed box
9. You can also click on the pink 'check' link to make sure your widget works
3.13 Why don't you charge local / sales tax on your products in the US?

Wampit™ is a UK registered and operating company and as such only applies tax to products purchased by UK customers on the version of the site - sales made in the US are sales tax exempt.

3.14 What is your UK VAT and Company Registration numbers?

Our UK VAT number is 972 8709 72 and our UK Company Registration number is 06882835.

This information will be sent to you in an invoice email if you purchase any of our optional products.

4.0 Our products

4.1 Web Link

Wampit™ receives 250,000 unique visitors per month (that's over 8,000 per day) - these are people searching for businesses just like yours.

We publish our Google Analytics reports to prove our usage - the following PDF report is for the week 9th to 15th May 2011 that shows 59,610 visits and the search terms they entered to find local businesses - please click here to see the report.

It's important these potential customers can visit your website as quickly as possible - the Web Link product will ensure you never miss a potential enquiry to a competitor.

For just $14.95 for a whole year you can link to your site from your free Wampit™ advert.

We will populate your listing with a globe icon 'quick link', and also display a text link called 'Visit our website' within the 'info' button.

There are two main benefits to this:

1. Customers that want to visit your website can quickly click on the globe icon and are taken directly to your website (they don't have to copy and paste).

2. You can track the performance within your own website reporting, i.e. you will see when someone visits your site that was referred by Wampit™.
4.2 Extra Images

Add up to 3 extra images to your listing - these will be rotated every 3 seconds with your main image, and will really make your advert stand out.

4.3 Offers and Discount Info

Promote any offers/sales/discounts you are running with an expiry date. The offer & offer duration can be updated by you at any time via your account page. Your offer will scroll in red text along the bottom of your advert, and can also be updated by you at any time via your account page.

4.4 My Links

Do you advertise or blog on other websites, e.g. Facebook or Twitter etc? If yes, then you can link to them directly from your advert with us. 

Simply select a 'link type' from the drop-down list and then enter the full web address in the field to the right. For example, if you want to link to your Twitter page then select 'Follow on Twitter' from the 'link type' selection, then visit your Twitter page in another Internet browser window and copy the full URL shown in the address bar ( e.g. ours is ). Then paste your Twitter URL in the long field to the right of the 'link type' field. Repeat these steps for any other websites you want to link to.

Please note: you will not be able to link to your own website with this product - our advisors monitor this service and will remove any links against this policy. We have designed our Web Link product for this requirement as it has the added benefit of placing a globe icon on your listing. 

4.5 Document upload (PDF)

Show potential customers as much information as you can by uploading either a menu (if you’re a restaurant), price list, marketing brochure or other general information about your company.

PDF stands for "Portable Document Format" and is owned by Adobe - it is a popular format for creating documents for on-line publication. This is because the documents are non-editable, i.e. people can't download them, and subsequently make changes. For example, you wouldn't want to publish your price list for someone to then be able to download it and amend the prices. 

Quite simply, you can create any document in your normal word-processing package, e.g. Microsoft Word, and then convert the .doc file into a PDF document. This will look exactly the same as the Word document you created, however, it will be compressed for on-line storage, and locked so people can't amend it.

Option 1 - directly create a PDF document from Microsoft Word 2007 (or newer)

In newer versions of Microsoft Word you can now simply save your document in a PDF format - as follows:

1. Create or open a Word document, e.g. your price list, brochure or menu etc
2. Select 'Save As' and choose the 'PDF' option
3. Enter a filename, e.g. menu.pdf and save to an area on your computer
4. Return to Wampit™ - continue with your purchase by selecting the 'Browse' on the 'Document upload PDF'
5. Search for the PDF that you saved on your computer and select it
6. Complete all required fields in Section 3

Option 2 - convert any older Word Documents into a PDF
1. Find the document that you want to convert into a PDF on your computer
2. Click here to visit an on-line company that will convert the file for you
3. 'Browse' for your Word document then enter your email address and select 'Convert & Send'
4. You will then receive an email with your document in a PDF format - save this to your computer
5. Return to Wampit™ - continue with your purchase by selecting the 'Browse' on the 'Document upload PDF
6. Search for the PDF that you saved on your computer and select it
7. Complete all required fields in Section 3


5.0. Website Tips / Info 

5.1 Video Tips

The filesize of your video must not exceed 20Mb and must be in either an mpeg, wmv, avi or .mov format.

Your video must be legal and decent and not offensive. By uploading it, you are confirming that you have complete copyright/ownership and/or authorisation of the content. Make sure your video gives a true representation of your business, products and/or service.

We would recommend that your video is a maximum of 30 seconds in duration or shorter. As the site grows we may look to increase this filesize. If you have any issues uploading a video, please let us know by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.

5.2 Image Tips

The file size of your image must not exceed 5Mb and must be in either a jpeg or gif format. Ideally, it should be sized at 167 x 125 pixels, however, don't worry as we will auto-resize it if you upload a photo with different dimensions. 

Your photo must be legal and decent and not offensive and by uploading it, you are confirming that you have complete copyright/ownership and/or authorisation to use the image. If you have any issues uploading a photograph, please let us know by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.

5.3 Business Description

This text will be displayed on your listing, and therefore should concisely portray your key messages to your potential customers. Please try to write as much information as possible as that increases the chances of your advert appearing correctly within other major search engine results - you can use a maximum of 3000 characters.

5.4 Keyword Tips

IMPORTANT - please read this section carefully to ensure your free advert gets the exposure it deserves.

Keywords are simply words that you think someone will type in when looking for your business in search engines such as Google - you can have a minimum of 6 keywords, and a maximum of 20 keywords.

Please enter each keyword (including your company name and county) separated by a comma, e.g. if you are a builder called "ABC Builders" based in New Jersey then your keywords could look like this:

builder, general, extensions, alterations, kitchens, bathrooms, abc, builders, new jersey

When a person then searches for a builder on a major search engine like Google, they may type in 'General Builder' in the search field. This search input will then match the advert and may display the business in their listing results. 

Alternatively, if they search directly by company name, i.e. type in 'ABC Builders', then the advert may also be displayed. 

5.5 Password Tips

Passwords must consist of at least 6 letters and a numeric. e.g. wampit4. Once you have registered a password, you can re-access your account and change it at any time. If you forget your password then please follow the 'forgotten password' process within the 'login' link.

5.6 Exclude your address option

When registering your business you can choose to exclude your address from your advert listing. We will populate your listing with a basic version of your address, i.e. 'Based in (town) in (state).

Please think carefully before choosing to exclude your address as people looking for your business will usually want to see your location - they may be put off contacting you if you don't show your full address in your advertising.

We recommend to only exclude your address if you are solely an Internet company, i.e. you only sell products on-line, or a business where you do not want your address displayed for security reasons.

If you are a market trader then why not put the address of your market in this section, that way people will know exactly where to find you.

5.7 Exclude your email address option

When registering your business you can choose to exclude an 'Email us' link to your email address from your advert listing within the 'Info' or 'More info' button.

Please think carefully before choosing to exclude your email address as people looking for your business may want to send you an email enquiry.

5.8 'Hit Counter' information

As soon as someone views your advert listing within the Wampit™ search results, or directly clicks on a link to your advert within other major search engines then a 'hit' will be counted. You can see the number of 'hits' your advert has achieved anytime by logging into your Wampit™ account.

5.9 Offers and Discount Info

Promote any offers/sales/discounts you are running with an expiry date. The offer & offer duration can be updated by you at any time via your account page. Your offer will scroll in red text along the bottom of your advert, and can also be updated by you at any time via your account page.

5.10 Tax on Purchases

This shows you how much tax is due on the upgrade products you have selected in Section 3 - this is added to the total cost of your purchases.

Tax is NOT charged to businesses based in America as Wampit® is a UK registered business.

5.11 Product Purchase / Payment Form Help

Our purchase and payment journey has been specifically designed based on simplicity and minimal clicks.

To complete your purchase simply review the products you've selected at the top of the Payment Page to make sure you are happy with them. If you need to make any changes then select the 'Back' button at the bottom of the page and amend your selection in Section 3 (please note, if you are registering for the first time then you will only be able to amend the required products as shown in Section 3 - don't worry as your business details and free listing information can be amended later on after you validate your registration by selecting a link in a welcome email from us).

Once you are happy with your purchase/s then please check, amend or enter the required information in ALL the white fields in the 'Payment Method' section.

After you've entered all required information then please select the 'Confirm Payment' button.

Please be patient as it may take a few moments to complete the purchase process with Paypal - PLEASE ONLY CLICK THIS BUTTON ONCE.

If there are any problems with the details you've entered e.g. your credit card has expired, or incorrect information has been entered, then you will be notified by an error message in red text - please correct the mistakes and select the 'Confirm Payment' button again.

Once the payment has been taken then you will be taken to a confirmation page showing your customer number and order number - you will also receive an email from us confirming your purchase/s together with our VAT number. 

5.12 'Purchased Product' information

The term 'Purchased Product' will be shown in your account page if you have previously bought a product from us. This will be shown for the duration of the product and will be removed when the product expires. 

5.13 'Promotional Code' - what is it?

From time to time we may offer discounts on our available products. If you have received a 'Promotional Code' then please enter it in the field in the Upgrade Calculator and then click on the refresh icon to the right - this will reduce the final price of ALL products purchased according to the promotion discount percentage. 

5.14 'SSL' - what does this mean?

We take the security of your personal data and credit card information extremely seriously. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer - basically it's a secure process that means people can't fraudulently obtain your credit card details when you enter in the card number within the payment screen. You will notice a padlock icon in your Internet browser screen that assures you the process is secure. We use a trusted partner called GoDaddy that provides this service when sending your credit card details to Paypal (our chosen payment process company). 


5.15 Security Code (CV2) Help

This is an extra security measure to ensure against fraudulent transactions. You will find your security code on the reverse of your credit / debit card. It's the last 3 numbers just above the signature strip. Simply enter that number into the Security Code field.


5.16 Issue Number Help (Maestro / Solo only)

This the number on the front of your Maestro or Solo card as shown below.



6.0 Troubleshooting

6.1 Why can't I find my Wampit™ advert in other major search engine results?

Sometimes it can take several weeks for other search engines to pick up your Wampit™ advert and display it in their search results. For more information please see the FAQ above "Can you guarantee my advert will be included in major search engine results?"

6.2 How do I amend my address and advert content?

You can update the content and images in your advert at any time. Please click on the 'login' link in the footer section at the bottom of the website, and then enter your email address and password and select 'go'. You will then see the same page you completed as part of your registration. Simply make the required changes on this form and then select the 'Save My Changes' button at the bottom. The changes you make are immediately updated in your live advert listing.

7.0 More Help / Contact Info 

7.1 Who do I contact for more help / support?

If you do not get the answers you are looking for on this page then the best way to contact us is by selecting the contact us link at the bottom of the website, and send us your question. We will aim to answer your query within 24 hours.  Alternately please call us on UK +44 (0) 845 094 0493 between 9.00am and 5.00pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.


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